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Topic: How To Hack Android Games On Rooted Android Device 2017
Post Date: 11/04/2017, 05:05 PM
Last active: 29/06/2019, 03:21 PM
Daniyal Zafar ***
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Android games are one of the best way to spend our time. Whenever we feel boring from internet we simply play games. Android offers us various and cool games But sometimes one thing often happens when you regularly play a game on your android device. If you want to cross the level of the game, you need resources to complete it like money, coins, points, etc. You need to play a game regularly to earn those resources and still sometimes they are not sufficient. that is very frustrating moment when you stuck at a particular level and don’t know how to cross that level without getting frustrated? So for that we have to get into that game. for this you have to Hack Android Games. But this trick only works on Rooted android devices.
So here’s the tricks to hack Android Games easily but keep in mind before proceeding that this Android Games hacking tricks works only on Rooted android devices.

Requirements: To Hack Android Games (Rooted Android) 2017

As I mentioned in the above description, your android device must be rooted. If are not known with android rooting then realx!? You must have to follow below guide to learn about Android we shared two best methods to hack android games easily.

For This task you need to download an Android game hacking app – Downlaod GameCIH App

#1 Steps To Hack Android Game 2017:
1. After rooting your device, install the downloaded GameCIH App ([Only registered and activated users can see links Click here to register]) and launch it.

2. A pop up will heads up and it will ask you to grant superuser access.

Note: The pop up window will only come if your android device is properly rooted. If it doesn’t not comes then root your device again.

3. After that, home screen will appear with the hot-key option in it. This option will help you to access this app to any android game on your device. So choose the option which you find more convenient while you are using your Android smartphone.
4. Now open any game you want to hack. For example, I opened Subway Surfer.

5. To access the hot keys which are appearing on the game screen, you need to pause the game and then select the values from hot-key that you want to edit in the game.

6. You can put any text value there like if you want to increase keys you can put that text value there.

7. Now the text box field will appear. Enter the value you want and then click on Modify.

8. And you will see that the default value of your keys will replace with the value you entered through hot-key option.

9. Similarly, you can alter any values in your game. You can access the resources you always wanted on your android game.
Your Turn: Now it’s your turn to start hack android games 2017 and get shifted to next level or get good gems for sure. Still facing any issue then please comment below. If you loved this article and successfully hacked the game on your device, feel free to Share it. Thanks!How To Hack Android Games (Rooted Android) 2017

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2.RE: How To Hack Android Games On Rooted Android Device 2017
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very nice information
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Daniyal Zafar
3.RE: How To Hack Android Games On Rooted Android Device 2017
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V.nice Upp

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